Buntzen Lake Loop


The Buntzen Lake loop is the most popular trail in the park. This 10 km route can be done as fast as 45 min if you’re running and up to 6 hours if you just take your time, enjoy the views and have a picnic.

Route from GPSIES (click on ‘Details’ for large image)…

Route from Google Earth…


Buntzen Lake is situated at roughly 130 m above sea level and the highest point on the trail is around 225 m. The single highest elevation gain on the trail is 70 m over 1.1 km.

I usually do the loop starting on the west side of the lake (starting at the old floating bridge area, now mostly a land bridge); some people prefer the other way. The west side is hillier, longer and more shaded. When taking this route, you’ll see this view at the half way point…

Buntzen Lake Trail

Also, starting on the west side, once you reach North Beach, you will have completed 60% of the loop. Here is North Beach…

North Beach

Below are a few random trail photos…

Trail2 (Medium)

BL Trail

Stump on Trail

BL Trail 2

BL Trail 3

Buntzen Lake Trail

BL Trail 4

Early morning hike

Here’s a little video of one of my hikes around the trail in February 2014…


Before heading out on your hike, make sure you are well prepared. This means, having the TEN ESSENTIALS. It is also important to leave a trip plan (route details and estimated return time) with someone you trust.

Bring your smartphone, fully charged and put it in airplane mode while hiking. I always bring back-up battery packs for extra piece of mind. It is highly recommended that you bring a GPS device; I use my smartphone with a GPS app (Backcountry Navigator). The GPS will work in airplane mode. Learn how to use it before your hike.

For anyone new to hiking, there is a rule to which hikers follow; it is called “Leave No Trace” or LNT. The concept is generally to pack out what you pack in and respect nature, so all future visitors can enjoy what you have enjoyed.
To learn more about LNT, please check out this BLOG by a certified LNT Trainer.


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  1. Is this a double stroller friendly trail? I’m currently worried about the rock hills and the bridges that we will need to cross. My kids are 1 and 3 and will like be in a double stroller

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