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    PARK HOURS AS OF 15 April 2015 are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
    (These hours will remain unchanged until late August)


    Find out more info and photos of the flood HERE

    The Buntzen Lake Recreation Area, located just north of Port Moody and a 45 minute drive east of Vancouver, is a nature lover’s paradise. Buntzen Lake is flanked by Eagle Mountain (1240 m) to the east and Buntzen Ridge (560 m) to the west.  Indian Arm Provincial Park and Belcarra Regional Park make up a large percentage of the surrounding hiking trails. There are numerous hiking trails suited for all levels of experience and physical abilities.

    View from North Beach

    Buntzen Lake, once named Trout Lake and later Lake Beautiful (by a group of hikers) was named Buntzen Lake in 1905 in honour of the first general manager of the BC Electric Railway Co., Johannes Buntzen.Buntzen Lake is a hydroelectric reservoir that was once Vancouver’s main electricity source. Check the HISTORY page to find out more !!

    Today, the Lake Buntzen Power Plant produces less than 0.4% of the power produced by the generating facilities owned by BC Hydro. However it has the distinction of being the first hydroelectric generating plant to supply the Lower Mainland of BC. In the early years it was considered to be an engineering marvel and after over 100 years still produces inexpensive power.  In 1972, BC Hydro completed the formal development and beautification of the Buntzen Lake Reservoir Recreation Area.

    NOTE: Buntzen Lake can get very busy, especially on sunny summer weekends. Even with roughly 600 parking spaces, once its full, their policy is to stop letting people in for safety reasons. If it’s a weekend or holiday and the weather is gorgeous, get to the lake before 11:00 (I have even seen it full at 10:30), so just get there early so you can enjoy your day. That being said, sometimes they reopen the gate in the early afternoon – you can call ahead to check).

    Buntzen Lake Hike
    Buntzen Lake Hike
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