Swan Falls

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    Today, I ventured up on Eagle Mountain for the first time. Specifically, I went up the Swan Falls trail. I knew the possibility of snow at high elevations was likely, so the plan was to go up as far as I can and turn around when the snow makes trekking difficult. Unfortunately, the cell phone could not get a GPS signal, so I couldn’t determine the elevation at the turn-around point, but I’d guess it to be 800 or 900 m. Below is my route for today…

    Today was an amazing April day. It was sunny with a high close to 20C. However, on the ascent, it was cool (still shaded) and there was breeze, but it was all good. I would say the highlight was the view from the Falls, which are at about 300-350m elevation. Below is a view from the falls looking west, towards Buntzen Lake…

    View from Swan Falls

    Just before reaching the falls, there is a 45 degree incline, where there is a rope to assist you; see below…

    Rope Climb

    Here is a view on the falls…

    Swan Falls

    And here is another scenic view…

    Great View

    Below is a random trail picture…


    Next is our traverse through the Lower Gully…

    Lower Gully

    And here is our traverse through the Upper Gully 30 mins after the Lower Gully…

    Upper Gully

    Next is a photo near where we turned around. The snow was getting quite deep…

    Deep Snow

    At the trailhead, on the service road, you can see the falls and the creek, which drains into McCombe Lake…

    Swan Falls Creek

    Below is a view of Swan Falls from across McCombe Lake and the next one is when the falls were frozen in early February 2014…

    Swan Falls 2

    Frozen Swan Falls

    Here is the sign at the trailhead, with a warning…

    Sign at Trailhead

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      3 thoughts on “Swan Falls

      1. Hey! Great blog, this trail looks amazing and I was planning on doing it at the end of this month and actually camping up there. Do you know what the conditions are like up there? Are the lakes/streams frozen (as a water source)? Are snowshoes necessary? It would be great to hear back! :)

        1. Hi there. And thanks.

          I’ve been as close as Lindsay Lake and there were only minor snowy patches there. I doubt there is much, if any, up near the top of Swan Falls.
          Lakes and streams are not frozen.

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