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Old Signs

During your visit to Buntzen Lake, you’ll notice several old signs around the area. The signs are wood, with yellow lettering (Except for the first example below, which has more colours). Below is the sign at the entrance to the park…

Big Sign

By the way, follow this link to see what the entrance  sign looked like in 1995.

Some of the signs are in low traffic areas and many people never seen them, such as these two signs near the Swan Falls trailhead…

Old sign

Old mossy sign in bushes

Here are two signs, you’ll see by the parking lot…

Boat Launching sign

Dogs sign

At south beach, you’ll see this sign…

Warning sign

Even the Warden’s office has a little sign…

Warden sign

There are a few ‘Viewpoint’ signs around on the trails. Here is one that is located on the east side of the Buntzen Lake trail…

Viewpoint sign

Here are two old Lakeview Trail signs…

Lakeview Trail Sign

Lakeview Trail sign

The next two photos are on the west side of the Buntzen Lake Trail. I’m not sure what help these signs are. There are no really alternate ways to go !!

Old sign on the trail

Old hiking sign

Here is a tiny equestrian sign on pumphouse road…

Equestrian sign

And below is a sign that has seen better days !!

Old sign