Buntzen Lake in the Snow

Over the weekend, we had a nice snowfall. And today, I decided to hike around Buntzen Lake in the snow.

Winter scene at Buntzen Lake

It was a gorgeous sunny day with very few hikers on the trail – I think I saw two or three. Even though it was sunny, the snow was melting from the trees giving me a nice shower ! I didn’t have the foresight to bring my waterproof hat ! Below is a photo of me hiking in the snow.

Me hiking in the snow

Following the weekend weather, there were many branches on the trail, which I helped to remove and I also shook low hanging branches to clear the snow. Below is a photo of me at North Beach.

Me at North Beach

And below is the bridge/jetty (old floating bridge area)…

Approaching the old floating bridge

After over 100 times hiking around the Lake, this is my first time in the snow. The sunny day made it just perfect. Great photo ops. Below is a photo of the Lake from the old floating bridge…

View from old floating bridge

I had taken my new micro spikes, but they kept slipping off – I guess that’s what you get for buying the cheap ones ! I was alright anyways – not too much slipping ! Below is a serene photo of the snowy trail…

Buntzen Lake trail in the snow

Here is a view of the lake from the dog park on south beach…

View from South Beach

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