2 thoughts on “Off-leash dog spat escalates at Buntzen

  1. This is a huge problem. As a former dog owner (before I moved to the city) I love dogs. However, I think many dog owners are not very responsible and lazy.
    If you go to Buntzen you will see most (95%) of dog owners breaking the rules and letting their dogs run around and crap everywhere. While I have no problem with letting dogs run (in fact this should be something they are able to do), Buntzen lake is a park for kids and others. These dogs are jumping up on people and leaving their crap on the trails where people step in it.
    Where is the enforcement? This is going to get ugly again sooner or later if it isn’t enforced.

    1. I totally agree with you Robert. I encourage you and everyone else to call the Warden’s office (604-469-9679) and tell them how you feel.
      Hopefully we’ll get some enforcement soon !

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