Suspension Bridge

The Buntzen Lake Suspension Bridge is located in a 250 m long canal between Buntzen Lake and McCombe Lake.  See the location HERE.  If you are walking clockwise (west side of lake first) around the lake, you have completed about 60% of the full lake loop when you reach this location.

The 50 m long suspension bridge was constructed by: C.F.S.M.E. – QL3-9105 (F) Field Engineer, CFB Chilliwack and designed by Siefken Engineering.  It officially opened 5 June 1992.

Buntzen Lake Suspension Bridge

A sign on the bridge states ‘maximum 4 people on bridge at one time’ That seems a little overly cautious. I’ve seen between 10 and 15 people on the bridge. The photos below show a suspension bridge bolt and cable and next below, the west anchors.

Suspension Bridge Bolt & Cable

Suspension Bridge anchor

I’ve seen many dogs walk trepidly across the bridge due to its shaking. Its kind of funny to see a dog stop in its tracks or head back !!

Below is a photo of me on the bridge…

On the bridge

And below is a view looking south down Buntzen Lake on fine sunny day…

View from Suspension bridge

Below is one more view of the suspension bridge…

Suspension Bridge

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