Sasamat Lake

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    Sasamat Lake is in Belcarra Regional Park, near Anmore. This is one of the warmest lakes in Metro Vancouver ! There is a nice easy trail around the lake, with minimal elevation gain. This place can get very crowded in the summer because it has two great sandy beaches (White Pine Beach). There is a very sturdy floating bridge across the lane with two wharves for fishing or jumping off. The lake has an area of about 45 ha (111 acres) and a perimeter of 3.2 kms.

    Distance: 3 km
    Time: variable
    Low point: 51 m
    High point: 74 m
    Elevation gain: 23 m
    Trailhead and parking: 49° 19’ 21.5” by 122° 53’ 03” (Google Maps and navigation)

    The route with downloadable gpx…

    Here are some photos of the Lake…

    Walkway along Lake


    Floating Bridge


    Wharves on floating bridge


    Glassy surface on Sasamat Lake


    White Pine Beach


    Tree in the water


    View from a wharf


    Sun shining over Sasamat Lake


    The Floating Bridge at Sasamat Lake


    White Pine Beach at Sasamat Lake


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