Minnekhada High Knoll

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    Minnekhada Regional Park is a beautiful place for a easy hike. Although, it can be crowded at times, it is still a great place to visit and maybe you’ll see a bear.

    Distance: 5.8 km (return)
    Low point: 13 m
    High point: 179 m
    Total Elevation gain: 166 m
    Trailhead: 49° 18’ 0” by  122° 42’ 26” (Google Map)

    Here is the route…

    Here’s the view from the High Knoll looking at the Pitt River…

    High Knoll
    High Knoll

    Here’s some trail photos…


    Fallen Tree

    Jenny doing some serious hiking

    The marsh is amazing…

    Minnekhada Regional Park marsh

    I saw a frog…

    Amphibious Creature

    And here’s the historic Minnekhada Lodge…

    Minnekhada Lodge - 1934


    Before heading out on your hike, make sure you are well prepared. This means, having the TEN ESSENTIALS. It is also important to leave a trip plan (route details and estimated return time) with someone you trust.

    Bring your smartphone, fully charged and put it in airplane mode while hiking. I always bring back-up battery packs for extra piece of mind. It is highly recommended that you bring a GPS device; I use my smartphone with a GPS app (Backcountry Navigator). The GPS will work in airplane mode. Learn how to use it before your hike.

    For anyone new to hiking, there is a rule to which hikers follow; it is called “Leave No Trace” or LNT. The concept is generally to pack out what you pack in and respect nature, so all future visitors can enjoy what you have enjoyed.
    To learn more about LNT, please check out this BLOG by a certified LNT Trainer.


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      3 thoughts on “Minnekhada High Knoll

      1. Hi. I’m Joseph. I’m French, in holydays in the mansion of my chinese wife s family, in Coquitlam. I like hike and I appreciate really your Website, your pictures and your explainations. It’s so beautiful and precise. But hike in France is different with hike in Canada. Therefore I need more explainations. The difference is you have something we dont have : bears. In this texts you write : “And maybee you’ll see Bears” ; and it seems it will be à pleasure. But how hike quiet when books, websites and people (at less my chinese family and their friends) say to you : “Here are many Bears and they are dangerous. Hike is dangerous”. You mentioned that specially in this test – but have I the Risk in every place ? Near Coquitlam ? On the Trail with à creek in Eagles Mountain ? Near Buntzenlake at Diez Vistas Trail ? Etc. It’s so sad I cannot hike because my family share me his fear !

        Do you can give me your opinion, or councell me ? Thank you very much. (And sorry for my Bad english.)


        1. There’s always a chance of seeing bears when hiking in this area. But in the 100’s of times I’ve hiked, I’ve only seen a bear once. If you hike in a group and make noise (talking), the bears will hear and stay away usually. I see more bears around my home than on hikes !

          1. Thank’s. Your explaination is perfect. I understand “no problem if you are not alone”. And my chinese family insist to about that. My wife : “How I do if I cannot find your body ?!?”. :-) Therefore I choiced I’ill not hike in B.C. this year.

            But I want to go next years. I’ve no friends here. So, I think search a hike-club. I dont know what’s the system here. I want to walk with cool People in beautiful landscape in mountain. You knows club like that ?

            Have a good summer !


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