Buntzen Lake and Swan Falls


This hike really adds flare to the Buntzen Lake loop. After traversing to the north beach, just take the service road northwards for 500 m and then the Swan Falls trailhead is on your right. The Swan Falls trail goes to the top of Mount Beautiful, but for this hike, we’re just going to the actual Swan Falls.  The Swan Falls trail is far beyond the difficulty of the Buntzen Lake trail. You should be confident in traversing steep slopes and using rope for climb-assisting in one place.

The vertical elevation gain on this portion of the Swan Falls trail is only 200 m, but it is tough trekking.

Here are the route stats:

Distance: 11.8 km (return)
Low point: 127 m
High point: 340 m
Elevation gain: 213 m
Total Elevation gain: 700 m
Trailhead (for Swan Falls): 49° 22’ 7.8” by  122° 51’ 29” (Google Map)

Here is the route:

This is the sign at the trailhead at base of swan falls…

Swan Falls Trailhead sign

There are two good spots to rest at the falls. Here is a photo of the upper falls…

Upper Swan Falls

Here’s a view looking west from the upper falls…

Upper Swan Falls 2

The lower falls, which are only small distance from the upper falls, are a great place to bask in the sun and have a snack…

Relaxing at swan falls 2

Relaxing at swan falls

Here’s a view looking down from the lower falls…

View from Swan Falls

Here are some trail photos on this section of the Swan Falls Trail…


Hollow Tree

Trail (2)


Here are the ropes to help climb a steep section…

Rope Climbing

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