Fungi at Buntzen Lake

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    The forests around Buntzen Lake offer great growing spots for fungi of all types. I’m a fun guy, but I’m not a fungi expert ! So, if you know the name of these mushrooms, please leave a comment.

    The best variety can be found in October and November, but you can find them all year long.  Below are a group of mushrooms on the side of a tree…

    Diez Vistas - Lakeview Trail Hike

    The next photo shows how these ‘shrooms have taken over the trunk of this tree !

    Diez Vistas - Lakeview Trail Hike

    The next photo below shows a plethora of mushrooms growing out of an old tree stump…

    Diez Vistas - Lakeview Trail Hike

    The next three photos are more mushrooms I’ve encountered on the trails…




    Below is a interesting yellow fungus, which can be seen all over the park…

    Yellow fungus

    In the photo below, it looks like this fungi is sweating !

    Sweaty mushrooms

    Below are some tiny mushrooms seen all over the park…

    Tiny mushrooms

    I’m not sure what the next one is, but I saw it on an old stump on the Lakeview Trail…


    Here is a small mushroom I found on the end of a dead tree…


    The next mushroom looks fairly normal ??? …


    The next 2 photos show white fungus on a tree and then a close up of the fungus…

    Small mushrooms on tree

    Detail of small mushrooms on tree

    Below are some funky orange mushrooms I found on the east side of the Buntzen Lake Trail…

    Orange Mushroom

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