Busy BC Day

I knew it was going to be busy today, but not this busy !! As I was with my family, I had to leave a little later than what I would have if I went alone. As I drove in from Coquitlam, the line up of cars on David Avenue turning left onto Forest Park Way was quite long – And this was at 9:45 am. I drove a little further down East Road and the line of cars was crazy. I knew then – this would not be the day for Buntzen Lake for me – I didn’t want to fight  the cars and traffic, so I turned around at Thomson Road (2.5 from the Buntzen Lake entrance).

I went to Town Centre Park in Coquitlam and had a great time in the shade with the family.

I’m sure there were many disappointed people that may have drove from far away to spend the day at Buntzen Lake.

Remember  – once the parking lots are full, the gates are locked (sometimes for the rest of the day).  There are about 600 parking spaces and they fill up fast.

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